Phase 1

In this area of the site, you can buy postboxes.

You have 3 categories:

1. Postboxes standard (From Marcmetal Brochure)
2. Postboxes BL You Series (personalized with photos from Marcmetal collections)
3. Postboxes BL You Series (personalized with your own photos)

Please read the online ordering process by clicking here.

Please, read our sales conditions.

After you have taken note of the online ordering process and read the sales conditions to proceed, please select one of the three options:


BL You
(photos from Marcmetal collection)

BL You
(customized with your own photo)

If you have further questions about the products, the process of ordering or about the sales conditions, please send us a message by the form below. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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