PI – Aluminum entrance doors


Different patterns: Deco Basic, Plus line and outlined – different decoration patterns.
Colors: standard RAL 9010, additionally with the whole RAL color range and wood-effect finishes, as per catalogue.
The shutter frame is made of aluminum outlines, with a thermal cut of 60 and 70 millimeters, the filling of the shutter has decorated panels (1.5 mm steel plate, with 40 millimeter insulation) with design stainless steel frames, filled with single-chamber glass. 

Options available on demand:
• One or two shutters
• Closers
• Triblock nuts and bolts
• Venting grids
• Handles and grips
• Spring joint
• Locking bolt
• RKZ (closing sequence regulator)
• Panic bar
• Anti-theft cylinder
• Doorstep
• Additional windows
• Smoke-proof
• Electromagnetic lock
• Additional lock
• Anti-theft kit
• Multi-point lock
• Door lock
• Hinge hidden in the shutter
• Additional hinge
• Photocell device
• Electromagnetic block
• External keyboard with code
• Internal keyboard with code
• Proximity reader
• Key case and proximity badge
• Fingerprint reader