Civil Protection

RA – Armored Doors and Accessories

General Characteristics
We offer a full range of products and competent consultation, design of new shelters and equipping of existing ones, renovation and restoration of public, private and military shelters. Conform to the technical requirements for shelters from 1 to 3 bar of UFPC.

RA-serramenti-blindati-e-accessori-pag1b RA-serramenti-blindati-e-accessori-pag1c

Angular frame to be walled-in.
Door with steel and rubber trim.
Universal Hand Opening (left-right).

Delivery: with anti-rust, according to regulations. Concrete filling excluded.

Armored doors, 20 cm thick
PT 1: 80 x 185 cm, height 9 cm + fixed threshold
PT 2: 100 x 185 cm, height 9 cm + fixed threshold
PT 3: 140 x 220 cm h with removable threshold. Opening hand must be defined each time for this door.
PT 4: 60x 120 cm + 9 cm fixed threshold.

Pressure doors, 10 cm thick
TP 1: 80 x 185 cm, height 9 cm + fixed threshold
DT 2: 100 x 185 cm, height 9 cm + fixed threshold
DT 3: 140 x 220 cm h with removable threshold. Opening hand must be defined each time for this door.

Porta blindataArmored door with 2 shutters, can be opened facing wind (1 bar).
PTO: 240 x 210 cm h 12 cm + fixed threshold.
Coperchio blindatoArmored cover, 20 cm thick
60 x 80 cm h
Integrated transmission tube.
coperchio finestraWindow for cover
60 x 80 cm h
KF: glazed folding door.
GI: frame with removable mesh.
porta scorrevoleSliding concrete panels
Armored sliding wall, 25 to 35 cm thick
Size on demand.
Max. size for lights 700 x 240 cm.
Self-liberation device
Flex spiral pipe
tubo a spirale
Metal ladder, galvanized
Metal steps, galvanized, size 29/29/2 cm.
Grids for light wells – galvanized.

Technical sheets





Regulations for the installation of shelter closings

This closing allows the usage of a regular armor (1).
The bodies of the door must be installed along with the frames and shored vertically and properly into the armor (2).
First, the concrete walls must be built. After the required resistance and compactness are reached, we can proceed with filling the body of the door, while closed.
Space of 4cm between the door and the bottom slab, as well as between the door and the cover slab.
Do not remove the rubber seal.
Federal Office of Civil Protection, Berne


Sanitary installations

Contenitore acqua di soccorsoEmergency water container

3 weeks without food, 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water. These are the scientifically established limits of human survival. These numbers demonstrate the critical importance of water as a reserve in event of an emergency.
The new water container, perfectly adapted to this situation, was created by Polypac. It follows the requirements set by the UFPC of Bern. In addition to its particular advantages, it has an exceptional resistance to impacts and falls (controlled by EMPA). The water container is available in a handy storage box cardboard (height 68 cm, width 35 cm, depth 30 cm). The box contains: 24 containers of 10 liters each, with locking screw and tap. Weight of the box and related content: about 5.5 kg.
Filling the container: fill the container with water to the brim. Even in the event of a disaster, there would still be enough clean drinking water coming from the faucet. After all the air has been expelled, put on the screw-cap and seal.
Transportation and storage: the container with 10 liters of reserve water can easily be carried in the expected protected place. Thanks to the practical swarm cube (25 x 25 cm) containers can stacked in any quantity, at any place, taking up minimal space.
Usage without unnecessary waste: by using the integrated tap it is possible to take the desired amount.


Dry toilet System
Dry toilet system

The official implementation of the Federal Office for Civil Protection.
Includes the aforementioned toilet and the bucket for feces.
The common base of these two elements is made of plastic buckets, can be boxed and is stackable, with airtight lids.
The system does not require the usage of water or chemical products and, thanks to its simple design; it is suitable for special circumstances. A pouch for feces, in the dispenser, is closed after use and then placed into the bucket equipped with a bag for the feces.
Also suitable for toilet facilities! To make up for any breakdown in the supply of water to the emergency WC plants.


Cabine toilettes
Toilet cabins

The toilet cabins by Marcmetal comply with the technical requirements of the UFPC.
Implementation: carrying bunk made of a tubular profile treated with electrostatic powder, RAL color RAL 5010 (“Enzianblau”) and click joints.
Fixed cabins: doors with Free / Busy lock, walls and separations made of 13 mm laminate.
Additional or removable cabins: curtains, walls and separations are made of grey Stamoid cloth (V13), with day-stitched hems. Cleaning: the cabins are washable and can be disinfected.
Installation: simple and fast, with angle brackets made of galvanized steel.
Number of toilets: (see table on the data sheet).
In shelters with up to 30 safe places: the cabin can be prepared by makeshift means. The equipment (TWC) must be installed.
In shelters from 31 to 100 safe places: at least 2 fixed cabins have to be mounted. The other cabins (in shelters from 61 to 100 places protected) can be removable.
In shelters with more than 100 safe places: at least 3 fixed cabins have to be mounted. The other cabins can be removable.
The cabins can serve as lockable rooms for storing equipment.
Number and arrangement: According to “ITRS ” and “ITRP” 84.


Designation and number of elements

TC8, 8 pers.
14 kg

TC15, 15 pers.
20 kg

TC30, 30 pers.
39 kg
740x370x630mm 405x150x595mm
400 x130x480mm
WC30, 30 pers.
37 kg
740x370x630mm 405x150x595mm

Bucket for feces, with lid23664
Insertable pan
Toilet seat with cover

Circular support that can be applied to the bucket, for feces111
Packs with 50 bags

Packs with 25 bags



Toilet cabins – data sheets




VA – Ventilation systems

VA 40, 75, 150 and options
Equipment for new shelters, existing ones, renovation and rehabilitation of public, private and military shelters, implementation according to the requirements of the UFPC.

ventilazioneTechnical description 
Installation consists of fan with multiplication gear and crank, electric motor (normal voltage of 3 x 380 volts), dynamo and emergency light, switch, shelf, plastic bag, anti-gas filter with anti-dust filter and a layer of activate coal, container with handles, guiding fixing rails on the floor, plastic bag, tube with air-flow sensor, throttle valve. Two flexible tubes with UFPC fitting, explosion-proof / pre-filter valve with water condensation collector, including a ventilation grid and 1 pressure-relief valve, mounting material included.

As a rule, assembly is performed by us. The customer only has to deal with the air-intake/ejection pipes underneath the wall. These pipes have to reach the top of the wall.

Project processing 
On request

TypePersonsMinimum air supplyWith FilterWithout Filter
VA 401340 m³/h80 m³/h
VA 752575 m³/h150 m³/h
VA 15050150 m³/h300 m³/h

Pressure-relief and explosion-proof valves

Size in cm


Protection against external influences of pressure and suction, required pressure assurance in the shelter from 50-250 Pa.

1 Size of the pressure-relief and explosion-proof valves type VSPNAE 40 for VA 40 aggregates.
2 Size of the pressure-relief and explosion-proof vales type VSPNAE 75/150 for VA 751150 aggregates.

Both valves can be mounted from inside the shelter, on pipes for the expulsion of air, which were previously placed in the stream.

3 Example of installation on inner walls of valves with grid and splinter-protection.

A) Pressure-relief and explosion-proof VSPNAE valve.
B) Ejection tube put in place by the customer, the required nominal diameter is ⌀ 12.5 cm or according to the plan of ventilation.
C) Grid.
D) Plate for splinter-protection.

A, C, and D are laid by our assembler. For the arrangement of pressure-relief and explosion-proof valves see backside.


Requirements for the installation of pressure-relief and explosion-proof valves

Size in cm


Requirements for the installation of pressure-relief and explosion-proof valves
4 Standard arrangement, height of 185cm from the completed floor.
5 Arrangement next to security door.
6 Arrangement above security door.
7 Arrangement of coupled or overlapping valves, axle spacing as minimum distance.


Schematic vertical section concerning the required height for the installation of pressure-relief and explosion-proof valves with sluice.
8 Shelter.
9 Sluice.
10 Ventilation system.
11 Explosion-proof valve with prefilter.
12 Pressure-relief and explosion-proof valve.
13 Gas filter.

VA 40/75/150
Ventilation systems

Size in cm


1 Explosion-proof/prefilter VAE/PF valve
2 Air meter
3 Fan with motor and gear
4 Electric switch
5 Valve with handle
6 Crank
7 Conduct for air distribution
8 Flexible tubes with connector
9 Guides for floor fixing
10 Gas Filter
11 Air-injection tube supplied and installed by the customer ⌀ 12.5 for VA 40, VA 75 and VA 150
12 Electrical connections box at the expense of the customer
13 Electrical air-warmer, connection at the expense of the buyer
14 Armored cover

VA 40/75/150

Size in cm

riscaldatore d'aria

Whenever they are used, air-warmers, electric or water-driven, are employed to heat up the rooms of shelters; in peacetime, they are used such as storage rooms for materials, as drying rooms, etc..

Electrical air-warmer 
Casing made of a galvanized pipe with DN 12.5 sleeve. Junction box with cover and stuffing box, wired and sealed heating element, wired control and security thermostats. The heater is mounted on the air-offshoot pipe, after the ventilation unit. The external switch and the connection are at the expense of the customer and implemented in such a way that the air-warmer is inserted only when the fan is running. (See diagram on page. S.60.032).

Technical data  
Heat output1,5 kW3 kW
Service voltage380 V380 V
For ventilation typeVA 40/75VA 150

VA 40/75/150
Ventilation systems – wiring diagram

schema elettrico

1 Standard installation for 380 V, supplied by Marcmetal SA
m1. 380 VA 0.64A, 0.24 kW, 2800 G/min ventilation unit
b1.1. Service switch on ventilation unit
u1. Electrical 380 V 3 kW BA or 1.5 kW 4 A air-warmer, which can be only installed once ventilation is working.
f1. Control thermostat
f3. Security thermostat

Supplied by customer 
e4. Fuse
b1.2. Service switch

2 Connection to single-phase current of 220 V, supplied by Marcmetal SA
m1. 220 VΔ 1.64 A, 0.24 kW, 2800 G/min ventilation unit.
b1. Service switch on ventilation unit k1 Condenser 16 µF

Supplied by customer
e4. Fuse

Electrical installations must comply with local regulations.
The engines of the plants that are used for the ventilation of rooms in peace time, shall be equipped with thermal protection. (See diagram on the backside).

schema elettrico

Connection to three-phase current of 380 V, with thermal protection for the motor, supplied by Marcmetal SA
Ventilation unit 380 V 0.64A, 0.24 kW, 2800 G/min
u1. Electrical 380 V 3 kW 8 A or 1.5 kW 4 A air-warmer , which can be only installed once ventilation is working.
f1. Control thermostat
f3. Security thermostat

Supplied by customer

b1. Service switch
b4. Selection switch
c1. Contactor
c2. Contactor
d4. Clock with day card
e1. Thermal unit
e3. Fuse
f9. Environment thermostat
h1. Service alarm
h2. Interference alarm

Electrical installations must comply with local regulations.

Bed Type N 91

Civil protection: a branch in which we have been operating since 1953. In fact since it was founded by the Swiss Confederacy. Our experience allows us to offer a complete range of products such as armored doors, ventilation equipment and furniture, as well as a competent consultancy, design of new shelters and equipment of existing ones, renovation and restoration of public, private and military shelters. (According to UFPC-TWE).

shelter bedsImplementation
• Stackable implementation made of tubular steel.
• Electrostatic powder paint, color RAL 1034 (“Pastellgelb”).
• Bed made out of a fire-resistant green towel (V3), resistant to tear and wear, permeable to air and which can be disinfected.
• As an alternative, you can use a CH 10 treated wooden panel, as shelving.

• A unique creation that, thanks to our patented locking system, eliminates all risks caused by weld beads.
• Assembly and disassembly is fast and can be completed by only one person, without the use of tools (no screws or plugs).
• Saving on the planning.
• Fast forming of blocks (front and/or side).

• Waterproof and compact (size 21x185x9 cm).
• Each package contains the parts list and assembly instructions.
• Weight with towel: 37 kg.
• With wooden board: 50 kg.


N 91 type
Stackable bed and shelf – data sheet

scheda tecnica lettini

Stackable bed – Storage


Space required for 51 protected places


Installation instructions



N 91 type
Installation instructions
montaggio 01
1. Tuck the spars 2 in the hems of the sheet 6 (gluing down) NB for beds with wooden shelves, start from step 2.
montaggio 02
2. Assembly of the front side Join the traverse 3 with the angle pillar 1.
Slide the clip 4 (hole upward) and secure with the wedge 5.
montaggio 03
3. Join the spars with the sheet (step 1) with the front ones (step 2) (Method as in step 2).
montaggio 04
4. Fix permanently by tapping on the wedges 5 with the help of a hammer.
If necessary, lay the wooden shelves 10 on the bunk.
montaggio 05
5. Creation of blocks.
Place the beds side by side, as shown on the plan for furnishing the refuge.
Join by inserting the jumper 9 (center).
montaggio 06
6. Safeties. The single or frontally-assembled beds must be equipped with anti-capsizing device.
8. Apply PVC feet
7 Options: Apply safety rail 11, peg 12, coat-hanger hooks 13.