Marcmetal history


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Marcmetal was officially founded in 1930 when Paolo Marchi took over a blacksmith’s forge in Massagno. He started his own blacksmith business, “Paolo Marchi, costruzioni di ferro” (i.e. “Paolo Marchi, metal construction”), and he was able to carry out all manner of metal work for the construction industry, from stairs to railings, with only a small forgery and just a few workers. It became a family business, when Paolo’s sons Mario and Dante began working in the forge. As a result of the increasing volume of orders, the company moved to Cadempino in 1955, where a small factory with accompanying offices was built.

The number of workers increased from 5 to 15, and within a few years increased further to number 60. This meant that the building that had been moved into in 1955 had now become too small, and the construction of a new larger factory started in 1963 in Bioggio, where the whole company moved to a year later. As a result of the fact that the construction industry was booming during that period, the company’s production department could be expanded, and the number of employees increased to 100. In 1968, the company founder Paolo Marchi died and his children, Mario, Dante, Piera and Bruno became the new owners. In the same year, a new branch was opened in Bern under the name “Marchi AG” as a reaction to the increasing for the company’s products, and in order to coordinate the sales and distribution activities of the company on national scale. In 1977 the name of the company was changed to “Marchi Officine SA” and its products became even more widely known and popular throughout Switzerland.

Marcmetal in 1986.

Marcmetal in 1986.

In 1981 the company was renamed “Marcmetal”, and new branches were opened in Zurich, Bern and Lausanne. The company’s management continued to expand and grow the business by investing in new and more modern equipment and by purchasing a new building in Taverne. The number of employees had now reached 150. In the same year Bruno Marchi left the company and his stocks were split between the remaining three siblings. In 1985 Piera and Dante also decided to leave the company, and Mario became the sole owner of the company, which was renamed “Marcmetal Holding”. During the second half of the Eighties, the company continued to expand, and its machinery and retail shops were further enhanced, while the number of employees increased to 250. In 1992 a building belonging to the company Astrelli, which was located right next to the Marcmetal branch in Bioggio, was rented and became the new executive headquarters, as well as also becoming home to a number of production departments. Mario Marchi equally split the stocks of Marcmetal Holding between his sons Augusto and Costanzo, who had joined the company in 1982 and 1985, respectively.

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