PV – Fast automatic doors

Fast automatic industrial roll up and packing doors

Roll up and packing door models. Model: PVA 50 automatic vertical industrial roll up doors, ideal for closing and opening small to medium passage ways up to 5 meters, and with very small obstructions. PVA 60 Al automatic industrial door with motorized vertical roll up closing, which moves fast and safely, up to 6 meters. PVI 120 automatic industrial vertical packing, ideal for closing and opening even large passage ways up to 12 meters.
Standard colors for covering: RAL 9006, RAL 9005, RAL 7037, RAL 7035, RAL 6026, RAL 6001, RAL 5013, RAL 5012, RAL 3002, RAL 1021, RAL 9010

Implementation and quality requirements:
Self-carrying steel or aluminum portal structure with seals that can be easily replaced and tested, mechanized with a removable and segmented galvanized carter, with a brake motor, adapter, roller, bench supports and limit switch group.
Fabric covering with mat polyester supports, smeared with PVC on both sides. 0.50 m/sec speed (New foldoor/spendoor) at 1.3 m/sec (Splendoor)

Available options on demand:
Logo print on covering.
Wire or insulated covering.
White, green, blue, grey.
Structure is painted in RAL colors.
Transparent complementary sector.
Windowed sector.
Partial opening.
Motor assembling out of standard and out of light.
Air venting bag.