PSI – Industrial sectional doors

Industrial sectional doors, up to 8 meters

Several panel layers: in aluminum, with tight clapboard panels, broad clapboard panels or even panels. In aluminum with aluminum, glass or gridded clerestory.
 Different finishes for layer panels: Woodgrain, Smoothgrain, Sandgrain and Silkline.
Standard colors for steel panels: RAL 1021, RAL 3000, RAL 5010, RAL 6002, RAL 7016, RAL 7032, RAL 8014, RAL 9006, RAL 9016, with the complete RAL colors range and wood-effect finishing as extras, as per catalogue.

Implementation and quality requirements:
Construction parts of the doors are made of galvanized steel (rails, junction parts) or feature a galvanized sheet covered with polyester painting (panels).
The shutter is made of segments with a 40 cm thickness. Different panel types are available and the usage warranty is long-lasting: full steel segment, steel segment with porthole, glazed aluminum segment, VISUAL glazed panel.
Segments were constructed by using a stratified folding system for the plate, which ensures that the joints can be assembled firmly.

Available options on demand:
Service door with a standard or low doorstep.
Fanlights and wads for full rearing.
Glazed aluminum panel.
Ventilation grids.