PSR – Residential sectional doors

Single or multiple residential sectional garage doors, up to 5 meters

Several steel panel layers: tight clapboard panels, broad clapboard panels, even panels, thousand rows panels and casson panels. Different finishes for layer panels: Woodgrain, Smoothgrain, Sandgrain and Silkline.
Colors: standard RAL 9016, with the complete RAL colors range and wood-effect finishing as extras, as per catalogue.

Implementation and quality requirements:
Shutter made of 40 mm steel panels, filled with polyurethane foam without Freon. Excellent thermal transmittance coefficient Uk = 1,07 [W/m2xK]. Galvanized steel construction parts.
Shutter moves along the vertical and horizontal rails beneath the ceiling. Holding seal along the whole door perimeter. Seal adheres to floor on the lower panel. Holding between the upper panel and the architrave, fastened by the seal on the first or second. Panels feature an anti-squeeze junction and seals where the two panels intersect. Available in a manual and motorized version.

Available options on demand:
Service door with a standard or low doorstep.
Fanlights and wads for full rearing.
Glazed aluminum panel.
Ventilation grids.
Glazed aluminum panel.