A HO 1 / A HO 2

Automatic device for gates with 1 or 2 shutters

AH 1Features:
A HO 1 / A HO 2 automatisms can be used to move gates of any size. Impulse controls (open/close) or timed automatic closing, as well as additional external command and safety parts can be added for private, industrial or public usage. The automatism can be applied to the shutters with two connections that should be fixed on the pillar and on the shutter that should open. It is equipped with a mechanical lock, for maximum security.
The system allows for a quick assembly, is easily adjustable and can be connected to a standard 220V/50HZ socket.
If a black out occurs, the automatism/door can be easily manually released from the inside, allowing for a manual opening of the door.
Can be installed on already-existing manual doors.

Immediate stop and reversal of commands if an obstacle should be in the operational radius of a moving gate, ensured by a mechanical device with adjustable force and intensity. All safety options for persons and objects can be added, as well as safety systems, which follow current regulations.

Implementation and quality requirements:
• Motor for gates with irreversible electromechanical shutter, reliable and silent
• Functional planning to ensure maximum safety and reliability
• Easy and quick installation thanks to the front junction and to the 2 mechanical locks which can be adjusted for opening and closing
• Rolled screw with spherical ø 20 mm section in order to achieve maximal resilience, quietness and controllability

Available options on demand:
• Remote command with pluri-channel waves, combined for multiple doors and gates with automatisms
• Key switch
• Safety list and photocells
• Flashing lights
• Keyboard with code
• Signals
• Super active antenna
• Command with magnetic cards
• Command with token dispenser
• Battery-powered