A 115 / 200 CS

Automatic device for sliding gates

A 115/200 CS automatisms can be used to move sliding gates of any size. Impulse controls (open/close) or timed automatic closing, as well as additional external command and safety parts can be added for private, industrial or public usage.
It is equipped with a mechanical lock, for maximal security.
The system allows for a quick assembly, is easily adjustable and can be connected to a standard 220V/50HZ socket.
If a black out occurs, the automatism/door can be easily manually released from the inside, allowing for a manual opening of the door.
Can be installed on already-existing manual doors.


A1 15

Immediate stop and reversal of commands if an obstacle should be in the operational radius of a moving gate, ensured by a mechanical device with adjustable force and intensity. All safety options for persons and objects can be added, as well as safety systems, which follow current regulations.

Implementation and quality requirements:
•Single phase 230 Vac motor for sliding gates with integrated central commands
• Integrated encoder
• A robust brake with personalized key can be used to manually unlock the gate

Available options on demand:
•  Remote command with pluri-channel waves, combined for multiple doors and gates with automatisms
• Key switch
• Safety list and photocells
• Flashing lights
• Keyboard with code
• Signals
• Super active antenna
• Command with magnetic cards
• Command with token dispenser
• Battery-powered